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Double Trouble Tehelka : Wild Card #2 #BiggBoss9!


After Rishabh Sinha, its time for another Wild Card entry in the Bigg Boss house. Wondering who it is?

Recognize this actor? Yes, you guessed it right! Puneet Vashisht, The actor best known for his appearance in films like "Josh" and "Taal" will be entering the Bigg Boss house soon.

The 39-year-old actor said he would rejuvenate the “tired and bored” inmates and raise the entertainment quotient of the show. “Right now, the contestants are doing nothing. They should use their talent to entertain the audience. But they just sit idle. They look so bored, without any zeal or energy. I will bring that required energy into the house. I would tell them to follow me, like during the morning dance routine."

Check out his dhamakedaar entrance in the house :

Let's wait and watch what all excitement does Puneet bring to the Bigg Boss house.

Source : Colors
- Jesmehr for @TeamGuiltyBytes

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