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6 Beauty Hacks Using Vaseline For This Festive Season


Vaseline for you would be another petroleum jelly to work with on your dry chapped lips. Right? Well ladies, Vaseline is much more to it. Call it a miracle jelly as it can serve so many purposes especially in the festive season.

Vaseline can be used for skin care or makeup or both and in no way is it going to harm your skin. So, make good use of Vaseline in the festivities to look your best in these simple ways.

1. Vaseline helps to grow your eye-lashes longer. Yes, it's time to ditch those pricey serums and rub Vaseline on your eye lids every night before going to bed for thicker, longer and fuller lashes

2. Vaseline can also serve as a wonderful makeup remover. So, in case you run out of your professional or drugstore remover, substitute it for Vaseline as it does a pretty good job.
3. If you want to make your perfume stay longer and smell good all day long, just rub Vaseline on your spray points before you actually spray your perfume/mist to lock its fragrance in.

4. This petroleum jelly can also serve the purpose of highlighting the high points of your face. As it gives a shiny finish, use it as a highlighter when you don't have one handy.

5. You can line your nails with Vaseline before you paint them. It will keep polish from spreading outside your nail.

6. You can also make your Vaseline lip balms, the tinted ones using this video for the winters.

- Image Source Pinterest. Shreiya for @TeamGuiltyBytes.

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