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Tips For Indian Women To Fill in Their Eyebrows Flawlessly


Where bushy eyebrows look scary and thin ones, very undefined, it is very important to fill in your eyebrows correctly. A prim and proper one cannot only give definition to your face but also provide an edge to your entire look.

Follow these tips when you need to create a perfect pair after over-tweezing or messing with your thread or wax.

1. Choose a pencil and powder in a shade slightly lighter than your eyebrow hair colour as it gives a more natural look. 

2. If you already have thick brows, using an eyebrow pencil can give the illusion of bushy brows which I'm sure none of you girls desire.

3. With your eyebrows apply the same smudging rule as you do with your eye-makeup as sharp lines and too much of product can make them look unnatural and messy at the same time
4. Always use an eye brow gel to avoid your product from smudging and making your entire look untidy.

5. Once done, either use some loose powder or concealer with a fine brush above and under your brows to make the final pair look even more tidy and defined.
- Image Source Pinterest. Shreiya for @TeamGuiltyBytes

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