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Hot Trend: Flower Braids Will Make You Wish You Had Long Hair!


The season of different braids is on a high. Girls are experimenting with different hairstyles and why not? Have you every thought of trying flower braids this season? This is the new trend that you'll instantly fall in love with!

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Here we bring to you different flower hair styles that are ruling on Instagram:

A photo posted by Ulrika (@yetanotherbeautysite) on

A photo posted by @guuurkburk on

A photo posted by Rossmann (@mein_rossmann) on

A photo posted by Jo Irving (@joloveshair) on

What are you waiting for now? Go and make yourself feel like a princess with this new trend. Or in case you can'y try it on your own, take a screenshot and tell your hairstylist to make one on you. 

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