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It really was a pleasant surprise for me to see my batch mate and friend from college getting engaged! Palak was always this fair, confident girl who I knew would make a beautiful bride one day. But boy she not only looked breathtakingly beautiful but also sported one of the best makeup(s) of the season on her engagement ceremony! She gives us exclusive deets on her makeup and her free lance makeup artist, Mr. Amit Dhingra. 

This is how her hairstyle looked from the back
Here's what Palak had to say-

Like any other girl in this world, I always had dreamt of looking my best on the most special day of my life, that is my engagement. The first and foremost thing that came to my mind as soon as my engagement date got fixed was The Make Up for my big day! See honestly, the clothes and everything else is in your control, but there is very little you can do about the hair and make up unlike your clothes or shoes.

The MUA that I booked for my big day was someone I had never met before but had heard a lot about. He had worked the magic of his brushes on a close cousin of mine and another very close friend and I was pleased with the work done by him. (So basically a trial wasn't needed in this case)

My only and major concern was that I had never been a makeup person. For me the maximum levels of make up would include a bright lipstick and lots of kohl cause I am a die hard Kareena Kapoor fan and I follow her a lot. High on my priority list was booking my MUA, Mr. Amit Dhingra (freelancer) which I ended up doing a month in advance. But since he was travelling out of the country I didn't really have the chance to meet him. Our first meeting happened 5 days before my engagement. I went up to the salon and I met this really pleasing and charming guy who was so talented but had no airs about him (girls make sure your MUA is calm and has an overall positive attitude cause this really boosts you up on the D day)I showed him my dress and the primary question that he asked me was- what kind of makeup do you want? And even before I could say something he said I'm not going to over do the make up. I'll keep it as elegant and minimal as possible. BANG ON! He read my mind. He told me since I'm young and have a cute face, he wouldn't make me look like the bahu straight out from an Indian daily soap. I was pretty much convinced with what he told me. For the hair he said giving a high poof would give a glamorous look and I opted for open hair rather than a bun because I personally felt that a bun would make me look older. Me and my MUA were totally in agreement and I was pretty convinced.

Talking of the day, my makeup was a 3-4 hour long session and this is the breakdown-

Eyes- Since I have deep set eyes, my MUA didn't really give me very dramatic eyes. He gave me golden bronze base and very mild smokey eyes. To enhance the eyes, he used glitter pigments and false lashes to make them look heavier and brighter. He also filled in my eyebrows with the same colour as that of my eyeballs.

Face- I was advised to go in for an airbrush finish makeup as that lasts longer and looks very  natural. With full faith in my MUA I went in for that and trust me it didn't disappoint me at all. I didn't really get into the nitty gritty of what brands were used but of the ones I know there were Bobbi Brown and MAC professional along with Kryolan.

Since my dress was coral peach in colour, he gave me a peach blush with a subtle gold highlighter to accentuate my cheekbones (Bebo Fan DUH). A major part of my base was contouring. Since I have a round face, he contoured my cheekbones and nose a little to highlight my features in the best possible manner. It was pretty natural and didn't look plastic at all.

Lips- for the lips, he gave me a bright orange peach lipstick, which was more like a soft matte balm i.e. liquid and matte at the same time.

To finish off my make up he used the HG MAC Fix+ Spray. And trust me guys the make up stayed on for almost 8-10 hours without any smudging or dullness. 

Hair- since my hair are naturally straight and silky, I told him I wanted some hair extension which would look very natural and would be the same hair colour as mine. He gave me a high poof on the crown area to add glamour to the look and the lower part of the hair was left open with long curls to give softness to the whole look.

Everyone seemed pretty happy with my hair and make up specially my fianceƩ who is by the way very particular and very appreciative of my natural look in comparison to the make up one. So all in all it was a HIT and specially when you get applauded from your blogger friend who has attended wedding functions and engagements for a while now. Thanks Devina!

Lots of love,

p.s.- girls the biggest accessory that you must carry with yourself which no MUA would give you and which will make you look the most gorgeous is your SMILE. Make sure that you smile and laugh as much as you can as this time would never come back.

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