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10 Gorgeous Indian Bridal Makeovers That Will Make You Go WOW!


I remember the time when I did a video titled #ThePowerofMakeup on my Youtube channel to join the world wide movement of bloggers who advocated that there is absolutely no shame in wearing makeup and here I am with yet another post that proves that makeup is not a lousy way to hide your skin or your flaws because you are insecure, it instead is a form of self-expression. Make-up is an art form and fun to experiment with and there can be no better example than our very own Indian brides. I am a very happy member of this fun fashion community on Facebook called The Style Stamp where community members share their work, makeup artists showcase their craft and vendors connect with buyers. I was going through some photos when I saw series on beautiful Indian bridal transformation that I thought deserved acknowledgement and compliment. All these girls made real beautiful brides and well, their MUAs certainly knew their job well! Check out these 10 bridal makeover that will make you believe in #ThePowerofMakeup. 

Image by Rochelle Barretto on The Style Stamp

Image by Sohni Juneja on The Style Stamp

Image by Triptii Rastogi on The Style Stamp

Image by Rehat Brar on The Style Stamp

Image by Rochelle Barretto‎ on The Style Stamp

Image by Sohni Juneja on The Style Stamp 

 Image by Sonam Sahu Janya on The Style Stamp

Image by Pooja Sonik Shukla on The Style Stamp

Image by Rochelle Barretto‎ on The Style Stamp

Image by Kashish Patney on The Style Stamp

And here's my #ThePowerofMakeup video which is an an extension of my own self. 

These bridal beauty transformations are as genius as the brides themselves. Incase you want to get more details on the MUA, then check out the link below each photo. 

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