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5 Must-Have Beauty Essentials (All under INR 100)


When we say beauty essentials, we mean that you should own these products and tools as they make a woman's life much easier. Beauty and skin care products are surely expensive but here is a list of 5 products which are a mandate for your vanity and cost less than 100 rupees!

1. Cotton Buds or Q-Tips 
These pretty little ones are under-rated but trust me, they can be your savior. Whether it is a mascara stain or a messed winged liner, cotton buds dipped in oil/makeup remover can do a wonderful job. Also, if you want to lighten your lipstick of give your lips a stained effect, you can count on these buds. Apart from the facial uses, cotton buds can neatly and precisely remove nail-paint from the skin giving your nails a perfect finish. 

2. Rosewater or Gulab-jal 
If you run out of your toner, makeup remover or face mist, use rose water instead. For normal skin, Dabur Gulabari gulab-jal works as a wonderful toner and can be applied after washing the face morning and evening. Rosewater is also a great mixing element for various face-packs and facial masks.

3. Wet-wipes
Night-out, dinner or date plans can be sudden. So, when you're in office, ready to head out to a fine-dining, you don't need your face to look dull and oily. Wet-wipes can really help get rid of bleeding make-up so that you get a fresh face to work upon again. 

4. Aloe-Vera Gel 
Honestly, for this product, the more said the less! It soothes the skin, it primes the skin, it protects the hair against damage and so much more. The Patanjali Aloe-Vera Gel is a true rockstar. You can also read the full review of the Patanjali Aloe-Vera Gel to know for yourself the need for this product in your life. 

5. Scotch-Tape
Easily available at any medical store, a scotch tape is your loyal guide to a perfect winged liner. Using a scotch tape can let you experiment with your eye-liner looks as well as the cat-smokey eye which increases the oomph factor of the entire look.

So ladies, go grab these essentials now and use them in your beauty and skin-care regime for a flawless looking, healthy skin! 

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