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5 Tips Every Best Friend Of The Bride Needs To Know!


So you have been a good friend, and a best friend to the bride-to-be all these years? And you are thinking that being a good bridesmaid will come naturally to you, isn't it? It surely can but sometimes casual comments, or missed priorities or miscommunication can spoil the party for you and the bride and cause rift in your relationships! Here are some things you should always keep in mind to make your best friend's wedding a memorable experience...

#1 Make sure you are around and always available on a call or a text. A bride needs attention, advice or simply morale support sometimes. Your not replying will only create rift between you two since she is emotionally spaced out during this phase.

#2 Brace yourself for an illogical behavior or the bridezilla mode! Because she has so much on her plate, she wouldn't know when to say what in worse situations, so just ignore anything that you feel could potentially hurt you and give it a pass knowing she is all over the place right now.

#3 Don't be a cynic, instead advice her! Avoid friendly sarcasms since she is very vulnerable during this time and if you don't like something on her, suggest alternatives instead of taking her case which you would do otherwise.

#4 Make her have fun. Amidst all the shaadi preparations, she may not get to do the bachelorette party she always wanted to or may not get to go to her favorite places before she says I do, give her some time to pause in between. Take her to a salon and gift her body spa, pedicure sessions so that she feels pampered and loved all through. Or you can even plan a dinner date with her to her favourite restaurant in between and take photos that you both will cherish forever!

#5 Always be ready with a 911 kit or the emergency kit. No D-day is ever perfect because let's face it Indian weddings are all over the place. There is so much that happens throughout the day. Keep a clutch purse ready with safety pins, bobby pins, a lipstick that goes with her makeup, a Q-tip to clean makeup (if required), a tissue paper or a gum. Be there for every little thing she requires and tell her that it's only going to get better!

This post is dedicated to my best friend, Sanchita and I hope to be there with you at every bloody step. Can't wait to see you become the most beautiful bride ever. 

p.s. this is me right now :'(

Gifs via Tumblr. Cover picture via b'ful bride Avneet Berar.

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