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6 Life-changing Ways to Use a Tooth-brush in your Beauty Regime


Aren't you just crazy about collecting foundation brushes, beauty blenders, hair appliances such as straighteners and curling rods and every possible hair brush? Well, its time to add a toothbrush to the collection. Shocked? Don't be as a toothbrush can be a great beauty tool.

Here's how you can use a tooth brush in your daily beauty regime:

1. As a teasing comb
Can't find your rat tail? Pick up a toothbrush as it does exactly the same job of bringing loads and loads of volume to your hair.

2. To tame flyaways
Sometimes your corporate look demands a sleek and tidy ponytail but these flyaways and baby hair won't let it happen! All you need again is a toothbrush and some hair spray to achieve perfection in your look.

Image source
3. As a Lip Scrubber 
There's always a DIY option for a lip scrub but there's always laziness along. All you have to do is gently rub your clean tooth-brush on your lips after you're done brushing your teeth and watch them go blush pink.

Image source
4. As an eyelash detangler
Be it in a hurry or an attempt to make your eyelashes look dramatic and glamorous, clumped lashes are common. Once the mascara dries, just go over with a tooth brush and say hello to gorgeous, detangled eyelashes.

Image source
5. To style your Braid
A casual look demands a very stressed out braided updo. So in order to not look all poised for a day outing, just go over a few stroke with your tooth-brush so that it looks relaxed yet romantic.

Image source
 6. As a Blackhead remover
Apply toothpaste on your tooth-brush like you normally do. But instead of using it to brush your teeth, work it in circular motions on your nose. Continue for 3-4 minutes and all your black-heads will be gone!

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