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Check Out 10 Weird Marriage Customs From Around The World


Marriage traditions are different all around the world. Some are very lavish, some are simple, some are romantic and some down right strange enough to make one uncomfortable.

Here are some really different and weird traditions followed around the world that will make you go like- WHHHAAA---TTTT! 

1. Marrying the tree
In many parts of India, girls who are born Manglik, an astrological period in time are said to have a bad luck which can cause the death of husband. In order to avoid this, they are first married to a tree, which is then cut off, and then they marry the groom. You knew about this one, didn't you?!

2. Kidnapping the bride

In Krygyzstan, there is an age old tradition which says tears are a sign of Happy marriage. Till 1991 parents agreed for the marriage of their kidnapped young girls, especially if they cried. This tradition has been made illegal now.

3. Say yes to only Fat bride
In Mauritania, a large , curt, bull bodied bride signifies prosperity and good luck. But to keep this tradition alive many women are force fed to become fatter for their weddings which sometimes causes health problems to them in the longer run.

4. Gifting Whale tooth
In Fiji, grooms have to give a very unusual gift their future father-in-law's in order to ask for their daughter's hand in marriage. The men have to present a whale's tooth to prospective bride's father's.

5. Pelting the couple
In Scotland, there is a tradition that involves throwing food trash like rotten eggs at the couple. They feel that if a couple can withstand this nasty tradition, their marriage can withstand anything in life.

6. No Bathroom brakes
In Borneo,there is a tribe that doesn't allow the newly married couple to leave their house during the wedding, not even tongue bathroom. This weird tradition is said to bring good luck to the couple.

7. Mandatory Crying
The Tujia people of China have a tradition for the bride-to-be. It involves the bride to cry an hour a day, for the whole month before the wedding. Many women of the bride's family are also encouraged to weep.

8. Broom Jumping
In the early times in South America when slavery was prevalent, black newly married couple used to jump over a broom after their wedding ceremony to symbolize moving ahead in their lives together. It is still followed by some people.

9. Pin the money
In Greek weddings, when the newly married couple share the traditional dance on their reception, the guests pin money on their wedding outfits. In older times it was done to give a financial head start to the couple for their new blooming marital life. The tradition is called Ploumisma.

10. The Bridal Doll
In Poerto Rico weddings there is a tradition in which a Bride look alike doll also wearing a dress identical to the bride is placed on the reception table in the center. It's dress is pinned with variety of souvenirs and charms. They are then given to guests as gifts, thanking them for their presence.

And then you thought we Indians only make unreal customs, isn't it? ;)

All gifs via Tumblr. Feature image courtesy here.

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