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Keith's Ex-Wife Speaks About His Relationship With Rochelle!


Love is in the air for Keith and Rochelle. But, recently Keith's ex- wife Samyukta Singh opened up in an interview with on his relationship with Rochelle. She said," From what I know, they have been dating only since last three months."  

She added, "I don’t know the girl (Rochelle) and I haven’t met her ever. But you know Keith is a grown up man. I don’t think he is so stupid. I really dunno what to say. You know the Keith I knew is very different from who is he now! I don’t even know if I know him anymore."

She also commented on Bigg Boss participation and said, "I was never planning to come. I don’t know where it came from. I was unnecessarily dragged into it. I have not intentions at all to come on the show!"

Let's see what will happen next in Keith's life! 

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