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Wedding Jewellery Guide For Bride’s Mother And Her Sister!


A wedding isn't just a significant day for the bride; it's a monumental moment in a mother and the sister’s life too. As the host, the two most important ladies in a bride’s life should look their best and jewellery can play a huge part in that. How much is too much jewellery though? And are there any rules when it comes to gold jewellery in particular? Our Truly Bridal by Kalyan expert Shreya Kalra will help you de-code the perfect jewellery for the mother-of-the-bride and for the sisters too.

The idea is to keep it classic and not overdo it with statement pieces. It is known that dressing up and looking one’s best on the D-day takes top priority for all the ladies in the family and that is why traditional jewellery forms a vital part of it. You can explore a wide array of traditional jewels or a mix of contemporary pieces; brides family can also opt for customised ornaments. 

When it comes to exquisite jewellery, Kalyan Jewellers is the name to reckon with. They offer Jewels that create an elegant confluence of rich Indian culture and western savoir-faire. Their wedding collection features a meticulous range of gold pieces that underscores which elaborates workmanship of the heirloom collection.

Jewels for the bride’s family must be feminine and aesthetically pleasing. It is important to know that your jewellery should represent your style- mother’s should wear timeless pieces that signify the epitome of their elegance. Sister of the bride on the other hand should make her outfit look fun and play with elegant jewel pieces.

You can check out the new video by Shreya Kalra, who will help you pick the perfect jewellery that every bride’s mother and her sister needs for the big family celebration!

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