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"Yami Stood By Me And Would Be There Always", Says Pulkit Samrat!


Pulkit Samrat and Shweta Rohira separated this year and the rumors are round because of Yami Gautam. But recently in an interview with Filmfare Pulkit said," This is like India losing the cricket match and people blaming Ricky Ponting for it. It's wrong, why drag her?" He also added, "A marriage is between two people. A third person has nothing to do with it."

Pulkit also said that how he is dealing with his separation, "I am just keeping myself busy. I don't have the time to think about anything. I get out of my house in the morning, promote the film. By the time I reach home I am so tired that I immediately fall asleep, my mind is completely occupied with my job. Work is a healer.

Then Pulkit added," Yami messaged me saying that our other friends and she stood by me and would be there always. She wrote that it may be a difficult time but not that difficult that it would not pass."

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