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Beauty101: Causes For Adult Acne


Acne is one skin problem that can haunt every single girl! It can happen at anytime of one's adult life and can last for over 6 months to 1 year. While there are many causes and cures for acne, we bring to you some unexpected and lesser known reasons as to why these these break outs happen... 

#1 Blame It On Your Workout
Acne can be caused because of the sweaty tight clothes that you wear during your Zumba class. These acne spread over your back to your inner thighs and can cause redness and inflammation on your skin surface. Face sweat can clog the pores and cause an acne bump or a cyst. Incase you miss a shower right after your workout, do remember to change your clothes and use acne wipes! 

#2 Food That Raise Hormonal Levels
Hormone containing food such as chicken and dairy, can cause acne breakouts, it is hence important to learn about your body and to understand what suits you and what doesn't especially once you turn 21. Some of these food categories can actually alter your own hormone levels so consult a nutritionist or a skin expert for the same.

#3 Pillow Can Be The Reason
Your pillow can cause sweat during your sleep which in turn causes bacterial growth. To avoid itchy acne make sure to wash your pillow covers weekly and let them dry properly. Damp or slightly wet sheets should be avoided as well. 

#4 It's Your Relationship
An increased sexual activity in a relationship too can lead to skin breakout. This happens mainly because the female testosterone levels may increase beyond normal levels. While exciting times in a relationship may lead to acne, depression and sadness too results in skin breakouts. Thus making it important to maintain a healthy lifestyle amidst everything!

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