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How To Fix Split Ends Without Cutting Hair


A hair cut may not always be the only solution to fix split ends! Split ends happen because of the hair damage- duh-uh but wait, they keep on happening over and over again because the internal structure of the hair gets exposed (due to chemical treatments, heat tools) that finally becomes weakened and dehydrated. Here are 6 ways how you can help the split ends from getting worse every day-

Bad quality of hair tools
An inexpensive hair dryer ends up overheating your hair more than required and it burn ends into splits thus damaging your hair. Invest in branded hair tools only no matter how cheap the deal is on any online shopping portal. 

A wide tooth-comb
After you apply conditioner, run a wide tooth comb through hair and ensure that the tangles are out. This prevents breakage and will prevent snaps. 

Take folic acid and biotin tablets
Folic acid and biotin supplement in healthy hair, growth, length and thickness. It helps in increasing the production of red blood cells and biotin strengthens hair and nails. Consume foods that are rich in folic acid and biotin or might as well refer a medical practitioner and take tablets after meals. 

Use leave-in conditioner
While conditioning is extremely essential, a live in conditioner will add extra protection to your hair strands as it stays on. Also if you don't use a live in conditioner, then make sure to let your conditioner stay for longer before you rinse it off in your shower.

Dry hair in downward direction
If you sue a blow dryer to dry your hair then let the nozzle control the flow of air. Make sure that you dry your hair in downward direction before you use a hair brush as it will help you avoid intense heat on the hair for longer. 

Limit hair treatments
This also includes hair colouring, highlights, re-bonding and perms as they all lead to split ends. If you get your hair treatment done then avoid washing them for at-least 48 hours as they are more susceptible to damage at that time and split more easily. 

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