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Now You Can See All the People Who Ignored Your Facebook Friend Requests


Social Media has become a platform where one can see and judge their social media powers . It has made us obsessed over how many likes your last selfie or DP has got on Facebook to how many followers you have on Twitter and Instagram. Lo and Behold! Now, you can see a list of all the people who have (rudely) ignored your friend requests. (A new way to unnecessarily torture yourself!)

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So, without getting into the psychological implications of why we do these things, let's jump into it!

1. First, mouse over to the toolbar at the top of Facebook and click on the Friend Requests icon.
2.Your friend requests box will pop up. At the bottom, click "See all."
3. Click "View Sent Requests" towards the top left of the page.
And voila! A list of all the people that ignored, or straight-up rejected your friend requests will pop up.

Once you see the list of friend requests you forgot you sent out a million years ago , many of them will all the sudden begin to bug you.Now u can see how many ignored friend requests have been built up over the past years . And now u can decide how many ignored requests don't really bother you, as you might not even remember who half of them are, but at least one of them might just eat away your soul knowing someone who mattered actually ignored your friend request over the years!!! 
Curiosity is a bi***!!! #JustSaying

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