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This Genius Hack Can Help You Extend The Life of Your Expensive Foundation!


We all have a bottle of foundation that is used particularly on a big day or a special occasion simply because it was CRAZY expensive (not that it wasn't worth). But hey do you know that you can extend the life of your expensive foundation by adding another product to it? Well this doesn't require you to add any acid or a chemical but all you need is simple face lotion!! 

Extend the life of your expensive foundation by adding face lotion to it which will basically make it a tinted moisturizer. Generally, a decent amount of product is left in an almost empty looking foundation bottle (you can find it in the nozzle, or nooks of the bottle). Pour a little face moisturizer or an anti aging cream, and shake the ingredients up properly. This will make the formula look and feel like a perfect BB cream and can be used daily as your skin coverup!

Genius isn't it?

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