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This New Viral Body Shaming A4 Paper Challenge Is Disturbing!


It involves comparing a part of your body ​to a piece of paper, an A4 size paper precisely! The A4 waist challenge is offensive and disturbing at the same time. It started as a trend on WEIBO, a Chinese site like Twitter and also on Instagram only to make you feel bad about your body. Can you imagine yourself holding a piece of A4 paper sheet in front of your torso to see if you fit in the edges? The A4 sheet of paper is eight inches wide, and if your waist disappears behind it, you, well, you win! #Ugh

Via Instagram

Here's what women have been posting on Instagram and taking this fad to the next level...

A photo posted by Elzawan (@elzawan) on

A photo posted by Rocksy (@rocksy.chan) on

A photo posted by Ruan (@ryz.jr) on

A photo posted by Fan Y (@fany_548) on

A photo posted by Vicki SG🏊💃🏻🏃🏻🎶✈️ (@vicki_yuxuan) on

A photo posted by Dancology (@li.dong117) on

A photo posted by Ivy (@tsing_t) on

A4 waist challenge is just another disturbing way to look at yourself! But hey incase you fit behind the paper then welcome to my world! Also this is my favorite photo from this challenge- 

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