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2 Easy Hot Cup Of Water Makeup Hacks That Really Work!


Every girl wants to try and get the maximum out of their expensive makeup products. In today's post we have got two super simple makeup hacks for which you need - A Cup of Hot Water . Find out how you can save a few bucks which would be helpful in making your products last as long as possible: 

1. Extend the life of your Mascara by soaking it in hot cup of water
Girls every time you run out of mascara or bottle is too low or your expensive mascara generally dries up after a period of time but Hey! Fret not ! We would tell you a genius hack that will help you get more out of the already running out product. All u need to do is drop the mascara in hot/warm cup of water and Hey! Did we tell you it will also loosen up the product along the sides of the tube. 

2. Reuse the super tight and dry nail paint Cap
Girls don't waste your energy or break our teeth trying to open the non budging Nail paint cap. If it won't open, dip only the handle in a cup of hot/warm water to loosen it up. Please ensure that you don't put the whole bottle in the warm water as it can alter the color and consistency of your nail polishes. 

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