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Now Bid Farewell To Dark Circles With 5 Kitchen Ingredients!


Super late work assignments or late night talking session with your girls do tend to take a toll on both our sleep schedules and our eyes thus giving us huge dark circles that we absolutely hate! But hey, you need no expensive creams or products to fix these up as you have some really amazing, magic ingredients ling in your kitchen that will solve your problem in minutes.

Tea Bags 
Yes, who knew that tea bags could be re-used, I didn't! Just squeeze out the extra water and place the tea bags on top of your eyes for 5 minutes and see the visible difference.

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Almond Oil
Just apply a small amount beneath your eyes and massage it into your skin and then keep it overnight. You will wake up with a flawless skin.

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Raw Potato
Cut two slices and keep them on your eyes for 10 to 15  minutes to see a visible change.

It’s not just a great daily drink for skin but the anti-oxidants present in coffee rejuvenates the skin and helps brighten up the darkness.

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It provides instant coolness to the eyes and reduces not only the dark circles but also puffiness and is a solution to keep skin hydrated as well.

Also Watch our Youtube video On How to hide Dark circles using makeup

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