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10 Unique Phoolon Ki Chaadar Inspirations For The Bride's Entry!


Every bride-to-be dreams of her perfect entrance on her wedding, isn't it? The bride dressed in her beautiful lehenga accompanied by her brothers holding the prettiest Phoolon ki chaadar on the the perfect song and of course all eyes on the bride.  These days the Phoolon ki chaadar has had amazing transitions and makeovers. People have been coming up with creative ideas just to make the bridal entrance unique and memorable. We have curated some out of the box Phoolon ki Chaddar ideas that you can take inspiration from for your wedding!

1. Marigold Chaadar
Everyone generally goes for jasmine flowers and roses phoolon ki chaadar. This season you can do something different and opt for a beautiful marigold chaader with latkans of green leaves and marigold. Its not very common and will definitely have a long lasting impression on the crowd.

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2. White Roses and Garland Chaadar
If u are the experimental types and do not want to follow the unusual tradition approach then this gorgeous white roses and garland laden chaadar is the answer. Its unique, one of a kind and classy. 

3. String Lights/ Fairy Lights
Another Phoolon ki Chaadar style that's unique and beautiful is using string lights on your chaadar and making your bridal entrance shine bright.

Also check out one of our favorite chaadar ideas from Yeh Jawani Hai dewani , swap to 2:00 in this video

4. Beads and Threads
Beads work has always been in! Decorate your entrance chaadar with intricate beading and threads to make the most unique bridal entrance.

5. Dupatta with Kaleera
These days using a beautiful dupatta attached with Kaleras is also trending. The hanging kaleras look extravagant and delicate at the same time.

6. Mom's wedding Dupatta supported with floral rods
What can be better than using your mom's wedding dupatta and adding the extra floral touch to it by attaching floral rods that support the dupatta.

7. Zardosi and Tilla Chaadar
You can also opt for a beautiful zardosi and tilla chaadar as it will add the royal touch to your wedding entry. 

8. Bandhani Dupatta As Chaadar
Since use of dupattas as chaadars is quite in, this is an example of a beautiful bandhani dupatta that can be used as a chaadar to showcase your tradition and heritage. 

9. Floral Umbrella 
Floral Umbrellas are inspired from Zari and Gota umbrellas from Rajasthan. They are also used in Kashmiri wedding for the groom. Umbrellas look very stylish and gorgeous.

10. Zerbera Chaadar
If you are bored seeing the usual roses, jasmine flower chaadars then you can try this beautiful and quirky Zerbera flower chaadar with beads. Its different and unique and very girly.

If this leaves you feeling tempted, be sure to follow our #WedStreetStyle section for more tips on wedding preparations, style, venue, vendor reviews and more.

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