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5 Tricks To Make Your Arms Look Slimmer In Sleeveless Outfits!


Every girl dreams of having super toned arms and wearing sleeveless outfits with ease. One does not have to wait for a long time before they can pull off a sleeveless outfit with elan if they refer to our tips today. Here are some great styling tricks to help you rock the sleeveless outfit without doing much!

#1 Wear Deeper Sleeveless Instead of Standard Sleeveless:
Wearing deeper sleeveless will expose the shoulder thereby making the arms appear longer and slimmer.
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#2 Go For Cool Boxy Shapes:
Boxy clothes create an angular shape, which means it's a square on the top of your body. So the garment doesn't hug you in the waist. It creates the illusion of smaller arms and they are so much in trend right now.

#3 Try Butterfly Cuts:
Butterfly cuts are super short sleeves so they are a kind of sleeveless without being one. The arms are visible with only the right amount of skin being shown.

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#4 Go For A Flattering Neckline:
Arms and Neckline fall in the same horizontal line, so it's always better that the neckline should grab all attention instead of the arms. Try V- necks as it creates an illusion of a longer neck and it will also highlight the collarbone. One can also go for a button down shirt.

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#5 Wear Accessories On Wrist:
Wearing accessories like thick handcuffs and bands will make the arms look slimmer and it will grab more attention than the arm itself.

Now, what are you waiting for ! Go and try these tricks and flaunt those beautiful arms. Do let us know your opinions on our suggestions!

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