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5 Natural And Safe Remedies To Make Your Period Come Faster!


Are you planning to go on a vacation with friends, family or husband? Or is your honeymoon on the cards and you aren't getting your periods yet? By now you must have googled, how to get periods early or natural ways to get periods faster, but hey we have it all covered in today's post. Worry not as its absolutely possible to get your periods slightly early with organic and safe ways and you wouldn't even have to pop any pill at all. There are tried and tested remedies to get your periods early and you totally bank on these for an easy breezy menstrual cycle.

#1. Drink Ginger Tea: 
Drink 2 cups of Ginger tea daily and it will start your periods in a few days. Don't drink too many cups of ginger tea because it will cause restlessness. If you are not a tea lover then you can opt for ginger juice. Consuming ginger can help you in inducing your period by causing contractions of the uterus.

#2. Hot Compress:
Hot water packs are super effective to treat delayed periods or irregular periods. It not only gives you relief from pain but is also helpful for early periods. Put the hot water pack on lower abdomen for 10-15 minutes daily and you should be able to get the results.

#3. Don't Take Stress:
Stress is not good for your menstrual cycle, It really does change your period date. Relax yourself and indulge in Yoga, walk or any physical exercise as it lower levels of estradiol, a sex hormone that helps to keep the body from ovulating and maintains a regular menstrual cycle.

#4. Eat Haldi to get your periods early & other kitchen spices.
You can also opt for some spices from your kitchen:
Haldi: Boil a spoon of turmeric in a glass of water and consume it twice a day to have your periods induced, probably 10 days before your expected date.
Fenugreek Seeds(Methi): Boil the seeds in water, strain them and drink it.
Fennel Seeds(Sauf): Mix two teaspoons of fennel seeds in a glass of water in night, strain the water and drink it in the morning.
Also, avoid or at least reduce sodium consumption from your diet.

#5. Include Vitamin C In Your Food:
Eat citrus fruits and vegetable like kiwi, tomato, broccoli to produce estrogen in the body. Estrogen helps in building the uterine lining, and upon uterus contraction, menstrual bleeding is expected. You can include dates for early periods. 

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