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7 Lip Gloss Hacks Every Beauty Guru Should Know!


Lip gloss is a necessity when it comes to prepping your lipstick for any special occasion. Clear lip glosses can be worn in everyday of your life as it adds an instant glam to your daily look. Gloss girls are my favourite but do you know that you can use your clear lip gloss for soooooo many other, lesser known beauty hacks? Well I am listing some of my favourite lip gloss hacks that help me through my beauty regime...

#1 Makes you shadows pigmented
Mix a bit of gloss with your eyeshadows that will give them a creamy texture. Dab the eye shadow on your eyelids for a more vibrant overall look!

#2 Quick Heel Fix
Need an instant solution for your cracked heels and hands? Well, dab a good amount of clear gloss for a quick hydrating fix on your heels and hand.

#3 Dewy highlighter for your face
A dab on your brow-bones or cheek-bones acts like an all-in one highlighter on your face. The clear gloss will give an added dewy effect, perfect for a date night!

#4 Gel Eyeliner
Blend some gloss with your favorite eye shadow for a long-lasting liner free in a colour of your choice!

#5 Remove that tight ring
Wearing ring that just won't budge? or has it become too tight to come off? Apply some lip closs around the ring and it will help slip that thing right off.

#6 Loosen Zipper of your bags and jeans
If you've got a zipper that just won't move, an application of gloss will ease it right up. It can also be used to loosen jewelry pieces.

#7 Save Your Hairline While Coloring
This is my mum' personal fav! Before you apply your hair colour, apply a layer of gloss along your hairline that will act as a barrier to prevent your skin from getting stained. 

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