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After Arijit, Salman Dumps Yet Another Singer And Gets His Rival On Board For Sultan!


Recently, Salman Khan and singer Arijit Singh were in the headlines, and for all the wrong reasons. Arijit had posted a public apology to Salman, pleading him to keep his song in Sultan and finally, Salman had taken a call, and decided not to keep Arijit's song in the movie after all.  Looks like Salman is in a really bad mood these days, and after Arijit Singh, Mika Singh is the latest singer to face bhai's ire.
Turns out that Mika had recorded a song for Salman's Sultan, which Salman had decided to dub in his own voice. However, according to sources, Salman had actually approached Mika's rival, rapper/singer Badshah to record the same song. The song actually features in Sultan's trailer, and was originally sung by Mika in Haryanvi. But Salman didn't quite like Mika's version of the song and roped in Badshah for it. And now, Badshah's version has made it to the trailer of Sultan.

According to the source," Mika and Salman have known each other for years now. It’s not the first time that this has happened with Mika. Even during Kick, Mika had sung Jumme Ki Raat Hai and Salman had later re-recorded the song in his own voice. However, this time, Salman has re-recorded the song with Mika’s rival Badshah." 
Oh Ho! Seems like Mika unlike Arijit decided to stay quite about the whole issue.  We feel for you Mika, maybe time and luck isn't in your favor.

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