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Hair Extensions:Decoded!


Who doesn’t love long luscious locks? I mean they look stunning and good long hair are difficult to maintain and achieve. But we are all not genetically gifted with good hair are we? Plus with the kind of pollution and stress not everyone can maintain hair.

And Here’s where Hair extensions come in. Hair extensions are never really seen in a positive light but maybe its because one doesn’t have complete knowledge about them. What do you think is the secret of our celebrity’s thick locks which make us all completely envious.

The hair extension are majorly two types
1#Temporary or the Clip On Extensions.
2#  Permanent Extensions (Bonded , Tape-In , Weaves )        

One should always start with the temporary ones as they give you an idea how the hair extension work also weather if they  are suited for you or not. Just get the Clip-On ones and see the difference in the volume of your hair. Plus they are super easy to use and just need to be clipped on the end of your scalp. If taken care well enough they can last up to two years.

Only if you are completely confident should you take the plunge towards permanent extensions. Because not only one can’t go back on their decision but also the process is a tad bit costly. But if you are confident there should be no stopping you. To get permanent extensions just go to nearest salon and have a heart to heart with the hair dresser. Let the experts handle this one.

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