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10 Indian Bloggers Show Us How To Rock The Off The Shoulder Trend This Summer


Off-Shoulder top and dresses are one of the best pieces of clothing for summer. Not only are they light and comfortable but they are a huge on fashion trend as well.The off shoulder tops and dresses are good for all day events be it a movie date,lunch with friends or casual meeting. 10 Indian Bloggers shoe you how its done their own way:

#1 Nilu Yuleena Thapa, Bighairloudmouth

#2 Aayushi Bangur, Styledrive

#3 Rati Tehri Singh , Indianmakeupandbeauty

#4 Kritika Khurana, Thatbohogirl 

#5 Lisha B, Heartbowsmakeup

A photo posted by Lisha B (@heartbowsmakeup) on

#6 Pallavi , Thatdesigirl
A photo posted by Pallavi (@thatdesigirlblog) on

#7 Pallavi Singh Ruhail, Thatdelhigirl
#8 Urvashi Kumar, Therightshadeofred

#9 Shreya Kalra, Fortheloveoffashionandotherthings

A photo posted by Shreya (@shreyakalra1) on

#10 Our very own Devina Malhotra, Guiltybytes

A photo posted by Devina Malhotra (@guiltybytes) on

Pair the tops with shorts or jeans they look chick anyway! Even the dresses are extremely stylish and suit all body types. Tell us which one is your favorite?

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