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All You Needed To Know About Air Dry V/s Blow Dry!!


The decade long debate which always has people arguing what’s better for their long luscious locks?  Air Drying being the more natural process and blow dry being an electric one definitely raises some questions. We decode the process of air dry and blow dry so you can decide for your self.

Blow Dry:
Using a blow dryer after you come out of shower on your hair not only dries them quickly but also sets them up. We all are way too familiar with that. But the amount of heat used directly on the scalp thins the hair and damages them from your roots. But on the plus side one is in charge of your of your hair and you hair are more manageable throughout thee day.

Air Dry:
The process when you let you hair dry naturally . It is  when you use you towel and hair serum  and definitely  DE-Tangle your hair before you let them dry. The good thing about air drying is definitely that it’s a natural process and doesn’t over dry your hair or make them weak. But the process of de-tangling causes loss of hair also experts say that having wet hair for long make them loose their original shape.

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