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4 Shoe Hacks To Break In Your New Shoes Without Hurting Your Feet!


I am a complete shoeholic and I am sure there are many like me out there. We girls lust after a perfect pair of heels and the moment we save up enough we rush to get our hands on them. But one has to admit that wearing your new (tight) shoes can give you a bit of problems that includes- blisters, shoe bites to name a few. But this time around you will face no such issue with your new heels as we bring to you 4 super simple shoe hacks that will help you loose your tight shoes and make it flaunt ready ASAP!

#1 Home Walk

When we buy new heels we just need every chance to wear them right? So wear them at your home, wear while you are in the kitchen while making dinner or watching TV. Let your feet get used to the new soles.

#2 Hairdryer Technique
Wear thick socks and slip your feet in your new shoes. Then run the hair dryer over the tight areas to loosen it up. This always works like a charm.

#3 Use Alcohol
Just dab some vodka on a cotton ball and place it inside the shoe. Let the inside of your shoe soak the solution resulting in expansion of the shoe. Well alcohol indeed is super useful ;)

#4 Use Ice
Jam ice into two plastic bags and place them inside your shoes. Over night your shoes will stretch giving you the perfect fit.

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