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How To Wear Ethnics To Work!


Being a workingwomen, I have faced this dilemma of not having a cooperative wardrobe especially when I am running late for work. While I love my western suits and shirts, I give equal importance to my ethnic wear. More than the kind of clothes you wear, it is how you feel good about yourself that can make or break an outfit. I believe that women are often confused when it comes to accessorizing, especially Indian wear. Here’s why a statement timepiece is all that we need in order not to over-accessorise our ethnic outfit.  In my today’s post I’ll take you through how to wear Indian attire to your most important presentation without having to feel uncomfortable… 

First and foremost, you need to find hidden gems in your wardrobe. Being a fierce yet modern businesswoman I am, I make sure to sort my clothes regularly. With ethnic wear, you need to discover the set of clothes you use most often to determine what your style really is. 

I had the pleasure to attend a leadership meet at Courtyard By Marriott, Gurgaon this past weekend. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet innovative professionals from different segment of lives. I won’t lie but I was so inspired by what I saw and heard.  For this event, I ditched my western suits and decided to don a look that truly represents where I come from and how fashion for me lies in my roots more than the evolution of the same. I wore a formal looking solid coloured kurta with a pair of pleated trousers. To up my basic look, I layered the stiletto kurta with a bright coloured khadi silk dupatta. However the conversation starter for me in this ensemble was my watch from Casio’s SHEEN collection. Be it meetings, events or presentations, it turns any fundamental ethnic outfit into a fashion statement at any moment.

This Casio Sheen Analog Woman’s Watch is so prominent and unique that it is ideal for everyday wear or to add that special something, to those Indian outfits that you’d choose to wear to work.  The generous use of SWAROVSKI elements is so alluring, that this watch can go from day to night & season-to-season.

It's impossible for this classic combination to fail you & the watch just made it all better. Dressing up for work can only become enthusing if we choose to mix and match our Indian and western wardrobe with statement accessories that compliment our personality. 

Get all details on my Casio SHEEN Watch Here.

Location courtesy- Courtyard By Marriott, Gurgaon
Hair courtesy- F Salon India.  

*Guiltybytes X Casio.

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