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In Review : Farzi Cafe Connaught Place


I would have never thought food presentation could be like an artwork on a canvas and taste breathtakingly amazing too!!! And at Farzi cafe I found both! Farzi Cafe boasts of creating an illusion with its cuisines. True to its name Farzi Cafe is really a modern Indian bistro which gives a gourmet experience combined with traditional global cuisine, with Indian influences, contemporary presentations, culinary styles and ambiance. It’s quirky and chic and it uses elements of molecular gastronomy in a never seen before way!


Mishti Doi and Strawberry Amuse-bouche
Mac n Cheese Balls
FFC- Farzi Fried Chicken
Chiken Khurchan Tikka Tart and Chilli Duck Samosa
Tempura Fried Prawns with Lemon and Chilli foam
Amritsari Fish & Chips
Vada Pav
Chicken Tikka on Coal bed
Ghee Chicken Dosai

Asparagus and Water Chestnut Korma with Fresh Coconut Appam
Chocolate Dirt Soil
Nihari Lamp Chops 
Milky Way

After making its mark in Cyber Hub in Gurgaon, Farzi Cafe has opened in Connaught Place to make make Delhi swoon with their lip-smacking illusions, fusion dishes, self-invented cocktails and quaint ambiance!

The interiors of Farzi cafe are quaint and super quirky! The decor is all wooden and decorated with glass bulbs of all kinds. The menu is handwritten and doodled which i love and it covers all traditional Indian flavors amalgamated with international favorites. Farzi Cafe infuses Indian flavors and gives it a modern twist and it is very well reflected in their menu!

We started with a delightful Mishti doi and Strawberry Amuse-bouche, tempered with paanch phoron (a blend of five-spices primarily used in Bengali recipes) which was served on a black plate that emitted thick white fumes. It's a palate cleanser and the moment we gulped it burst in our mouth. It tantalized the taste buds just enough to prepare us for the feast that awaited us!
In drinks we started off with Farzi ok – a fresh orange vanilla drink. It is very well balanced and refreshing with the flavors of orange and subtle aftertaste of vanilla and Kaffir lime. The Chuski Margarita was just as the name suggested a chuski in a tangy Aam Panna Margarita! The one drink that stood out was Apple Foamintini. The Apple foam martini was as much a delight to watch as it was to drink.

In starters we ordered the Mac n Cheese balls which were sitting in a cute bicycle basket on top of shredded potatoes and served with a chef’s special spicy dip. Absolutely crunchy and cheesy; we couldn’t stop at one (being the cheese lover that I am) and FFC – Farzi Fried Chicken which was served in a delightful Truck alongside was polished off in seconds. The Chilly Duck Samosas was lathered with oriental Chinese sauce stuffed with yummy roasted shredded duck meat. And it truly reflected its Indo Chinese roots. My favorite dish was the Chicken Khurchan tikka tart. It was simply delish! The yummy chicken tikka was served in a tart; the shell was just how it is supposed to be - buttery and crumbly! The Tempura Fried prawns with lemon and chili foam was pure genius! However The Amritsari Fish & Chips were bland and even the Vada Pav was not to my liking. The Chicken Tikka which was served on a coal bed was soft, succulent and had a great smokey flavor to it. Perfect way to end the long trail of starters!!!

We moved onto mains with Chicken Ghee Dosai which reminded us of comforting home cooked chicken served with a dosa cone! In order to try something in vegetarian we had the Asparagus and Water Chestnut Korma with fresh coconut appam served with spicy green chilli and tomato chutney , and it instantly took us to south India with its coastal flavors! One dish that I would definitely recommend is The Nihari Lamp Chops served with butter naan. Talk about adding a touch of royalty to the menu.

We were super stuffed by the time dessert arrived! But just the name of the desserts kept me motivated to keep going!!! The Chocolate Dirt pile is every chocolate lover’s paradise. And truly so! It was a bowl full of powdered chocolate with strawberry, imported grapes, edible flowers, walnuts and cashew nogas, rice crispies sandwiched between caramel sauce at the bottom and hot chocolate sauce poured on top. Lastly the Milky Way was a treat to the eyes as it brings to the plate a galaxy of flavours. A vibrant set of sweet delicacies - the gajar ka halwa, choco truffle with pepper, coconut peda, edible flowers, whipped cream take their respective places to form planets and orange ice cream pored with -300 degrees liquid nitrogen posing as the asteroids in the middle. All this is topped with thick, creamy rabdi and you can imagine the experience it would have been! *drooling*

Finally we bid a stomach full goodbye to the place. Farzi Cafe with their molecular gastronomy, brilliant concoctions of culinary art and modern presentation surely left us totally satisfied and happy! The whole experience is going to stay in our hearts and on our waistlines forever!!!

Service: The staff is extremely friendly and the service is prompt.

Cost: Meal for two costs around INR 2200/- + taxes

Final Rating: 9/10

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  1. Love love love the review! Can't wait to try chocolate dirt. So considering Farzi for good food now!

  2. Omg, Nihari lan chops! that looks yum.

  3. What wonderfully visually appealing picture and the wide array of dishes in the menu. This place sure looks exciting and my taste buds are already dancing. I am going to this place for sure. Weekend st Farzi cafe!

  4. I was confused on which place to celebrate my anniversary. The review is so well written that i could actually very well understand how each dishes look and taste. Thanks for getting me interested in this place.Cheers!

  5. This place is my ultimate favourite in delhi. Love the ambiance and the menu! kudos!

  6. Farzi cafe is my go to place for chilling with friends, having drinks or being in the company of my husband and family.I just adore their lavish menu and the gastronomical elements in cocktails and even food. Best place wonder i keep going back every other weekend !!!