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Food Review: Happy Hakka at Lajpat, New Delhi


For the joy of Chinese food, you need to try Happy Hakka! Quick, yummy and hassle free is how I would describe Happy Hakka. I was invited to review the online service of Chinese food delivery and because it involved Chinese, I couldn't refuse! And before I give more details, I must say that I am so excited to have discovered this place...

The food packaging is very impressive and keeps the ingredients warm, making it a perfect option for late night dinners and extended party food sessions. The place houses freshly seared bowl meals and mains that boast of perfect hint of Asian flavours in every bite. 

Salads: The glass noodle salad is a cold crunchy salad, tossed with glass noodles and a zesty sesame dressing poured over red peppers, spring onion, Chinese cabbage and strips of zucchini. The salad will work really well with cold soups and tasted yum with the combination of starters! 

Starters: We ordered chilli bites, spicy morsels fired up with chillies, garlic and spring onions, for a truly hot experience! Along with this, we ordered the crunchy munchy rolls that consisted of glass noodles and diced veggies wrapped in a crispy spring roll, flavoured with lemongrass. It was served with a sweet chilli sauce to savor. The dimsum spread is appetizing enough and we opted for soft-crumbled paneer pockets that had crunchy onions and the yumminess of garlic. One of the highly recommended dishes from the menu is Cheese N Peppers pizza that is basically a juicy dim sum stuffed with cheese, onions and tri-coloured peppers.

Mains: You would be spoilt for choices when it comes to main course! Flat fun noodles wok-tossed in tangy sauce with Pok Choi and Chinese cabbage with fragrant spices are a must try. If you love the classic flavors then traditional hakka noodles with cabbage and green peppers should be on your list. We added Kung Pao with tofu to this combination which is basically a combination of garden fresh vegetables and peanuts, wok-tossed in a flavorful sweet and tangy sauce. My most favorite meal in the mains was meal in a bowl. Chunky choupsey with a tasty blend of textures, tangy tomato gravy loaded with veggies, served over crispy-fried noodle was lip smacking delish!

Cost: Established as quick bites food service, this place is a value for money and a meal for two cost around Rs. 600 for two people.

Final Rating: 8.5/10

Will I recommend it? ABSO-YUMY-LUTELY

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  1. The packaging looks amazing Devina! How much does a meal for two cost?