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HOT! Try These Top 3 Food Apps To Prepare Meals In No Time


Gourmet Ice creams, Hot and cold Soups, drool worthy Pizzas, traditional Mughlai- the list of lip smacking food is endless. Do you know, on an average, a human being spends  2-3 hours munching, binging or slurping. Unfortunately, not all of us know how to cook (making Maggie doe not count!)

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With the explosion of Smart and Android phones there are plenty of apps that can turn your or anyone into a smart home chef! And the best part is that most of these apps support a variety of cuisines ranging from Indian, Chinese, Continental, Thai, Italian etc. Once can easily download and install such apps from the Play store (mostly for free) and learn and try new recipes and dishes. Team Guiltybytes lists 3 amazing apps that will make you a pro in the kitchen in no time!

#1 Kitchen Stories

If you have watched the famous animated movie Ratatouille , then you must be familiar with the phrase "Anyone can cook" . Kitchen stories use the same tagline for their app. The app uses mouthwatering videos and images that have simple to understand instructions to help one cook with ease. They even have an HD mode for videos.Besides watching videos tutorials, one can make notes and save favourite recipes for later use. this app is perfect for those amateur cooks!

#2 Yummly

One half of the people these days have food allergies and the other half, sensitive stomachs.This app has over one million recipes and cooking techniques that enables a person to cook dishes keeping in mind the kind of allergies or food problems a person has.The app also displays the nutritional value for most dishes to know their calorie count. Once can add the recipe ingredients to a shopping cart so that the next time you are out for groceries , you can easily pick up the ingredients required for that particular dish. 

#3 Veg Recipes Of India

It comes as no surprise that the Indian subcontinent is any vegetarian's paradise! We love our Chole Bhature , Pav Bhaji and Paranthas! and any self respecting vegetarian will tell you there is more to vegetarian food than just paneer!!! Download this app if you are looking for endless variety in vegetarian food.  There is also a special section for bachelor cooking and low fat .

Have you guys tried any of these apps??? If yes, then please drop a comment below!

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