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One Simple Trick And You'll Never Go Wrong With Your Blush On!


There's nothing worse than poorly applied blush. We use a Blush to highlight and give a natural rosy/peachy look to our cheeks. But do you know there is one trick that can get your Blush JUST right and make you look perfect at al times. *Your face doesn't deserve a badly applied blush after all*

We all generally apply the blush by first dabbing the brush into the blush and then using the brush in a single stroke in one direction onto our cheek. But this method isn't entirely right. We will tell you how you can get the perfect blush each time!

Here's Your Secret Trick!

Step #1 Take a little bit blush on your brush and shake off the excess.

Step #2  Apply the blush using the brush on both cheeks in a tick mark motion instead of a single stroke in one direction. You should be smiling while doing this motion. You can repeat the method again to get that perfect natural flush cheeks.

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