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Beauty Guide To Buying The Best Blush For Your Skin Tone!


For us girls, picking the right blush may be a task as we don't really know what shade would suit our complexion or skin tone. With so many pretty shades in the market, it can get confusing at the same time frustrating as to what color blush to buy since we all aren't makeup experts. Its very important to know your skin tone to understand which shade would best suit your skin. Blush is meant to be a natural and subtle giving a rosy pink highlight and flush to cheekbones. Wrong color or too much application can make you look like clown or washed out!

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Each person should have at least two shades to pick from, a peach and a pink. This way you have a color to choose from regardless of the makeup look you are going for.

Fair Skin Tone
Girls with fair skin should opt for Baby Pink or Pale pink shades in skin blush so that it give a natural and subtle look.  If you are extremely white other shades can tend to look orangey. Peach shade will be very flattering on fair skinned girls and it can enhance their natural flush.

Medium Skin Tone ( Wheatish to Olive)
Wheat Skin tone : The best blushes for medium skin with yellow undertones ladies are rosey pink, light raspberry and deep peaches like apricot shade. If you choose a color that is to light it can make you look ashen, anything too dark will make you look clownish.Some medium skin tones are already warm, so they only need slight enhancement. Apricot with a tinge of orange will make your look flirty and fresh. One can also go for a muted mauve shades which will look richer and depth to the skin tone.
Olive Skin tone : Medium skin with green undertones should opt for warm peach shade as it will make olive skin glow. Shade like Rose is also great as it's not bright, but it's not shadowy, either. It will give a very delicate, natural flush. Even bronze blush shade will add warmth and brighten the skin tone and give it a boost. 

Dusky Skin Tone
Girls with dusky skin tone should choose colors like rose, deep oranges and dark raisin. Choosing a shade that is too light can make your skin appear washed out and pale. One has to choose shades that would enhance the natural beauty of your skin. One can opt for bright tangerines as it will look subtle, pretty and give a true flush to the cheek bones.

So here's our guide to the perfect shade for any skin type. Having a couple of shades to choose from is necessary when it comes to trying different and new looks. We hope this guide helps you find the perfect shade to add just the right amount of color to bring out your natural beauty.

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