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Things To Keep In Mind Before A Bikini Wax!


Thers’s no shame in admitting that everyone has body hair. It’s a completely natural process and many of us get it removed by waxing it off. But if you are new to the process of bikini wax there are probably few things that you should keep in mind before you head out to a salon...

Have A Growth
Remember you are going to get your hair removed so don’t show up shaved as it will pain you more anyways. Just trim your bush if required but do nothing more than that.

If possible shower right before you go in from your appointment. It will be helpful for the person waxing you as it will be clean. Just don't scrub or exfoliate right before the wax as it will make your skin super sensitive. 

Know Your Dates
Avoid going 3 days prior to the date your period begins because the skin is super sensitive at that time and would pain more. Cancel the appointment if you are on your period.

Be Confident
Getting a bikini wax is your decision so just be confident and firm about it.Yes, it will pain a bit more than your usual wax routine but be mentally prepared for it and ask as many questions as you want to from the specialist who is all set to wax you. 

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