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4 Tips To Pamper Yourself In Summer When You're Too Sweaty To Move


For me, the ultimate pamper session involves a hot bath followed by a warm blanket with a book. But when the weather hits 40 degrees, that plan instantly devolves from relaxing to agonizing as you’re too hot to even look at a blanket . . . let alone allow it to touch your sweaty skin. Summertime doesn’t mean, however, that your self-care routine has to come to a halt! There are just as many ways to pamper yourself and your skin when the weather’s warm, cooling you down while brightening you up so you can live that summer life to the fullest.

#1 Wear a Cold Face Mask
Get that hair out of your face and cool yourself down with a refrigerated mask, go for a fun bright colored mask or whip up your own using home ingredients like cold mashed strawberries, honey and yogurt mask.


#2 Keep Your Nail Polish In The Fridge
While the ice-cold nail polish feels great on your fingertips, this trick also keeps the polish from getting gloopy in the heat and giving your nails those annoying little bumps when it dries. It took me years to figure this out and I don’t want any of you to suffer from bumpy nail polish for even another second.

#3 Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate
Summer clothes mean more skin is on display, which mean more tanned, rough skin and you want it to be as polished as possible. But if we’re being real, the best way to remove all the sweat and sunscreen after spending all day outside is to give your face and arms a good scrub.Invest in some good body polishing scrubs for great results and glowing skin.


#4 Cool Off Your Feet With A Foot Mask
Believe me , this really helps! Yes, you woud feel a bit silly as you slather your feet in a foot mask but the results are amazing! You should then wrap your feet in Cling wrap. After 10 minutes , when you wash your feet there will be a feeling of intense satisfaction with the new new and improved feet free of dirt, rough patches, tan and even odor). You can follow up with moisturizer for extra decadence.

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