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Best Tips For Cleansing Oily Skin !


Since my teenage years, I've had to tackle quite an oily T-zone that would often  cause spots and excessive shine. But as I came to love skincare and gain more knowledge on ingredients and how to put together a skincare routine I found my oily/combination skin type wasn't such an issue and blemishes became much less frequent. In fact I'd say I have pretty good skin these days! 

One of the main factors that changed my skin for the better was cleansing. Something that everyone should be doing but makes the biggest difference to those with oily skin. Below are 5 simple tips on how to properly cleanse this often problematic skin type for a clearer, happier complexion. 

#1 Pick a balancing SLS-Free morning facial cleanser

With excess sebum/oil production, it can be easy to think that a harsh alcohol based gel or foaming cleanser is what you need to tackle the problem. But the fact is all skin hates such stripping ingredients and in fact, you run the risk of the skin producing even more oil and becoming dry at the same time! For your morning cleanse you really want to look for something gentle instead and preferably SLS-free (non-foaming) and alcohol-free, looking for ingredients such as kaolin/clay or just something simple. With the right face wash your skin should be left clean yet comfortable which should eventually start towards balancing out how much oil the skin produces.

#2  Remove dead skin cells with a mild exfoliant, weekly

The reason oily skin can be prone to breakouts is dead skin cells can block the pores along with sebum. So exfoliating is key! Whether you opt for an exfoliator with physical grains or a chemical exfoliator it's important not to over do it and strip the skin, exfoliating 2-3 times a week at the most. This should always be done on a makeup-free face, preferably at night.

#3 Don't Be Afraid Of Oil Cleansers ! 

One of the biggest misconceptions about oily skin is that balms and oil based skincare is a no-go zone. However that couldn't be further from the truth, in fact, some facial oils can work well on oily skin. Balm cleansers along with oil based ones are ideal for cleansing with at night, although making sure all product residue is removed with a flannel or muslin cloth is a key. The reason balm cleansers work better than foaming cleansers is that oil based products with good ingredients will break down makeup on the skin and give a thorough cleanse.

#4  Double cleanse

As I'm sure you will know removing makeup at the end of the day in an important step in keeping skin blemish-free. But to ensure skin is properly clean cleansing twice is your best option. It may seem a chore but if you want clear happy skin when it's a must; especially after a long day or wearing makeup or SPF. Whether you decide to use the same cleanser twice or a balm cleanser then a cream cleanser it's totally up to you but removing both products with a flannel or muslin cloth is a must to ensure every last bit of makeup and cleanser residue is removed before you go onto applying a serum/moisturiser. 

#5 Don't over do it 

Lastly, I can't stress this one enough. Oily skin doesn't require harsh products or over cleaning! For years in my teens I would use harsh scrubs and stripping toners on my skin in the hope it rid me of my oily t-zone but it, in fact, made my problems worse. Stripped skin from harsh products on the market or over exfoliation will be stressed out and can lead to more oily production and even broken veins. By simply treating the skin in a balanced way, ensuring makeup is thoroughly removed will go a long way.

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