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10 Mascara Tips That'll Change The Way Your Eye lashes Look !


Eyes are the windows to the soul -- and eyelashes are the windows to the eyes. We can all agree that keeping your lash game on point is key to every great makeup look. But since falsies are a pain and extensions are expensive and difficult to maintain, it's hard to find lash tips that you can realistically execute. 

Find Your Perfect FormulaFirst things first, you need to find the best formula for you. Sure, your friend loves that lengthening mascara, but maybe volume is more your game -- thankfully, there are many options out there for every type of lashes. 

Use a Lash CurlerYou can pile on as much mascara as you want, but you won't be able to make the same impact without a good lash curling.

Curl Your Lashes with a SpoonDid you know you can actually use a simple spoon as your lash curler in a pinch? All you have to do is press your lashes into the edge of the spoon, working your way up as you go. 

Wiggle for Extra VolumeWiggle your mascara wand at the base for extra volume and definition. You'd be surprised at how this simple application trick can make a world of difference. 

Make Sure to Get Both SidesMost of us only coat the underside of our lashes -- but did you know you can do both sides? Making sure to add an extra coat to the top of your lashes adds some definite oomph to your look. 

Heat Your MascaraIf your mascara is clumpy and difficult to apply, warming it up a little will actually help with the consistency. All you have to do is set your favorite tube in a cup of hot water for a little bit, and you should be good to go.

Heat Your Eyelash CurlerAs long as you're heating your mascara, you can also heat up your eyelash curler ... using your blow dryer. It'll turn your lash curler into a mini curling iron, which will give you a longer-lasting curl.

Don't Forget to TightlineTightlining your eyes can actually make your lashes look fuller, which is a great way to subtly boost your mascara game.

Prime Your LashesPriming your lashes can actually make a huge difference in keeping your mascara on your lashes. It can really help your mascara go the extra mile, plus some formulas even help to condition your lashes, which can help them be healthier in the long run.

Layer Multiple FormulasIf you love different mascaras for different reasons, why not combine them to make a super mascara? All you have to do is add a volumizing formula, to a lengthening formula l, and you've totally got it made in the shade. 

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