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5 Things To Know Before You Chop Off Your Hair!!


Short hair are the most fun and amazing thing but if you feel like having to get a new hairstyle and plan to chop off all your locks.make sure about few things that one should keep in mind before getting the new hair transition.
Do Your Research

There are a ton of haircut range available in short hair contrary to popular belief . Like pike cut,bob cut,undercuts etc etc. So make sure you know all your options.
Face Shape

Be aware of your face cut and know what styles will suit you. This is very important as  you haircut should compliment your face.

Maintain Regularity
You cant just let your hair grow wild once you cut short the hair they need regular taken caring of. It will take more trips to saloon  than usual.
Limited Growth

Your hair will not grow back overnight but it will come back in time. So,just be patient.

Be Confident
It’s your hair and your look you decide how and what to do with it.Dont let your confidence slip and rock your new hair.
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