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Double Cleanse Your Face- Here's How I Do It!


I am sure everyone who wears makeup makes it a point to cleanse their face thoroughly! But how many times have you been told to double cleanse your face? Well, from my experience all I can tell is that if you wear makeup then you have to first remove your makeup and then cleanse the face again to tackle the dirt, oils and dead skin cells that could build up. Here's how I choose to double cleanse my face keeping my skin type in mind which is normal to dry.

I effectively remove my makeup by using coconut oil especially when I do a heavy eye makeup or wear lots of mascara. Oil is gentle to the skin and coconut oil tops my list of cleansing. I massage it gently all over my skin, my eyes and lips and then pat my face softly using wet pipes. 

Step 1. Place a few drops of oil into your hands

Step 2. Massage the oil all over your face, eyes and lips in circular motions

Step 3. Use wet wipes to wipe off the oil and makeup from the skin

Here's how you can double cleanse your skin

After you have removed most of your makeup using the coconout oil, follow it up using a face cleanser (I use The Body Shop Tea Tree Range) to cleanse my face and remove dirts, oil. Then follow it up with a toner ( Spawake toner in my case) and moisturize the skin using a daily moisturizer. 

Step 1. Apply a small amount of cleanser on your face and massage it all over. 

Step 2. Using small circular motions massage it and then finally rinse it off with luke warm water. 

Step 3. Apply a toner to tone your face

Step 4. Pat dry your face using a soft cloth and top it up with a daily moisturizer

This is really works to maintain the skin over a long period of time! Do give it a shot and let me know if you like the idea of double cleansing. 

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