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Glitter Eye Makeup Tips- How To Get Glitter To Stay On Eyes!


To up your eye game, there isn't anything that works better than glitters! Smearing glitter on our eyelids can instantly up your beauty game and make you look glamorous at all times. Applying glitter can be a bit more complicated than your average eyeshadow application, but wearing it isn’t impossible either. 

Tips for applying glitter
Invest in a good quality of makeup. The beautiful glitter on your eyes is not the one from your art and raft class. Taking a chance can irritate your eyes and harm your skin. Buy glitter shadows or cosmetic loose glitters.

Prime your eyes 
Use an eyeshadow primer on your eyelids to seal the glitter. It creates a perfect, even base and helps it last longer.

Prep your eyes with makeup
Apply eye shadows as desired with the exclusion of mascara. And if you are worried about getting glitters everywhere, then hold a clean tissue below your lower lash and then wet your makeup brush, dip it in glitter an gently pat the product on your skin. 

Cream eyeshadow as a glitter glue
Don't like the idea of a glitter glue, well fret not! Use creamy eyeshadow to make sure that your glitter stays. 

Beginner try specific areas
Just because it's glitters doesn't mean that you need it all over your eyes. Try a glitter look by applying it in the corners of your eye lids or lower lash line maybe. Try neutral shades or colours that you like. Don't be apprehensive, just tale the plunge!

Lastly, use a setting spray or MAC Fix+ to set it to perfection and you'll be sparkling all night! 

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