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This Girl Drank A Gallon Of Water A Day And Here's What Happened



Just do a Google search for “water for skin,” and you’ll find thousands of articles on the subject. Chugging multiple glasses daily is said to be the secret to a glowing complexion — even though the science is still out on whether all this H2O is actually hydrating us from the inside out. Here is a true story on what happened when this girl had a gallon of water everyday.

via Tyler Smith

Maria del Russo is a fairly healthy person , doing Yoga in the morning and eating a balanced diet . Every once in a while she would cheat with a slice of her favorite pizza. But there was one thing she never followed religiously : Not drinking enough water. She also suffered from horrible migraines that left her incapacitated for days. Even her acne ridden skin was giving her problems. Though she was told time and again that drinking water could actually solve both these problems. She finally decided to take up the challenge to see if water really does benefit our skin and health by drinking a gallon(3.7 litres) of water a day for 30 days .

Of course it meant regular bathroom breaks , peeing at least once every hour but it also meant flushing off toxins from the body. Drinking that much water was also a lesson in sipping for her. If she drank too fast, she would feel sick in her stomach. If she drank too slowly, the pressure of not finishing the gallon by the end of the day would cause trouble. Her body within a couple of days adjusted to the water intake and her bathroom breaks decreased still more than a normal person. The water challenge not only made her particular but also determined. Within days she could see some positive changes her skin and in other parts of her life. The increased water intake decreased acne or zits from her face and her skin felt petal soft! She also noticed her skin glowing majorly so much so that she stopped wearing foundation and luminizer, and used only concealer while going out. Not just her skin even her hair felt softer and looked a touch shinier.

The best part was the amount of energy she had. She started leaping out of bed every morning when her alarm went off and even her yoga classes became easier. Her Yoga instructor also noticed the sudden surge in her energy levels and complimented her for it. In fact she didn't even need her morning coffee anymore to keep her up for the morning yoga! She noticed she didn’t feel the need to snack as often, her sugar cravings practically disappeared, and she didn’t get a single migraine while drinking all of this water. What a relief that was!

Now she religiously tracks her water intake with apps instead of carrying around a jug and she loves love this app called Waterlogged, because you can add your own containers and track by volume. You don't really need to hit a gallon every day but make sure you increase your daily water intake to 8-9 glasses a day!

She concluded by saying that drinking enough water is definitely a part of a healthy skin-care regimen. And until her body or her doctor tells me otherwise, she is going to keep on sipping. 

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