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5 magical Skincare tips for soon-to-be-brides


Life can't  be perfect, but your skin can be!

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Dear brides-to-be, 
You know that the day you were for years has finally come. It’s time to turn your dreams into reality and looking gorgeous is one of those. Once the wedding date is announced our schedule becomes more hectic (resulting into more work and less sleep). This makes your skin dull and the glow fades. And make-up on wedding day isn’t enough to get that picture perfect skin.
Hence, we have done a detailed research and compiled 5 magical skincare tips for your big day.

The age-old remedy – Uptan 
Well most of us is familiar with it, as our dadi’s and nani’s used to rub us with this magical uptan when we were young. At that time you might hate it but now you will love it. The magical uptan helps us to get rid of tanning, acne marks and dirt that accumulate on our face. 
DIY- Take a bowl and put some besan in it, add a little haldi and mix it well with the milk. Once ready apply the mixture on your face, neck, arms and leg. Let it dry, and wash it off with the cold water.
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Tomatoes, tomatoes and more tomatoes!
If you are fed up of tanning, and want to know the quickest way to get rid of it then go for tomato massage. They are not only good for your blood but also your face. So get glowing with tomatoes.
DIY- Take a tomato cut it in two halves, apply it directly on your face arms and legs. Though it’s a little messier but it actually is one magical home remedy to get glowing. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off later.
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Love for Honey

Tired of dry skin, need some natural ingredient to make your skin soft naturally. Then go for honey, love.  This is one of the easiest ways to get your skin moisturized and glowing instantly. Also, it’ a great lip scrub (get rid of dry lips). 
DIY- Take some honey, put it directly on your face, scrub it on your lips gently. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off later.
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Nimbu-Chini to get glowing
Get naturally glowing with nimbu-chini ka ghol. As lemon helps in removing all the dirt and blackheads from your face, sugar will help you get the glow. And together they will make wonders. 
DIY- Take a bowl put some sugar in it, add lemon juice and apply the mixture on your face. Leave it for 10 minutes and not more than it as lemon is a bit harsh. Wash your face with water.

Icy Ice
Another simplest and easiest hack that you can use daily is ice pack. If you want to get rid of dark circles, puffy eyes and want clear skin then go for ice pack. It’s simple and helps closing the pores of your skin so that dirt doesn’t accumulate on it.
DIY- Take some ice; rub it evenly on your face and arms. Use it in the morning to get rid of puffy eyes. 
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