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Beauty Hack: 7 Fabulous Beauty Uses of Ice For Your Skin!


We are sure many of you would have fond childhood memories with the ice cube, gulping the whole ice cube during the summers was the best way of chilling out. But as a child who possibly thought that ice cube can be used as in beauty care.  One of the beauty hacks of ice that is quite popular among the girls is rubbing the ice on the eye area to reduce the puffiness. But surprisingly, there are various other benefits of ice cube which we would love to share with our Guilty Bytes readers. Take a look and stay beautiful.

1. Pore tighter:
How many times have you looked in the mirror and hated the enlarged pores? If you have open pores or large pores, you can shrink them with the help of ice cube, the cold water will shrink your pores and smoothen your face. Now wasn't this the easiest and laziest beauty hack ever?

2. Long lasting makeup:
Have you run out of your favorite makeup setting spray? Fret not, an ice cube is to your rescue. Before starting your makeup, gently rub your face with an ice cube and voila, your face will have a radiant effect, also it will let your makeup last longer.

3. Hydrating skin:
Dry skin beauties, a single ice cube, will do wonders to your skin. DIY milk ice cube and rub it over your face, this will not only hydrate your skin but even give a healthy look to your dull skin.

4. Soothes sunburns:
If you have been sun-kissed then rub an ice cube on the sunburned area, it will bring an instant relief. If you want, you can make mint ice cube too, the mint leaves will bring cooling sensation and give a comfort from burns.

5. Acne reducer:
Got a pesky acne on your face? Don't poke it with your fingers, instead, soothe it with an ice cube and tada the redness and bumpy acne will reduce. Rub your face daily with an ice cube and you would notice the scars, spots vanishing away. Also, you will feel heavenly. We suggest you store lemon and honey mix ice cube which will work amazingly on the acne or breakouts.

6. Smooth tweezing:
Only a girl knows how painful can tweezing be, but to look beautiful we can go to any extent. Hey, we got a solution to your painful tweezing, prior tweezing rub an ice cube on your brows, this will numb the area and make the entire process super comfortable.

7. Improves blood circulation:
Rub an ice cube on your face and notice the rush of blood flow in your face, the frostiness of ice cube stimulates blood vessels and that is why it is used for an instant glow, face lift and even for reducing puffiness and dark circles. When you rub ice cube daily on your face you would prevent premature aging look.

These were the super and surprising benefits of an ice cube, but make sure you use no more than 2 ice cubes. We give you ice challenge, rub your face with an ice cube and let us know how did it help in beautifying your skin.

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