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These Amazing Sandalwood Face Packs Are A Must Try For Every Bride To Be


The top most priority of every bride to be is her complexion, on her D-day, her skin must gleam with happiness. A flawless, beaming skin requires plenty of hard work and patience. Yes, hard work because, as a bride, you need to pamper your skin, protect it from harsh sun rays, pollutants and often involve effective facial treatments. With plenty of errands in hand, it is quite impossible for a bride to be, to hit a parlor on a regular basis, and if you are working woman then it is a far cry. But worry not, we wouldn't let anyone steal the limelight on your D-day, you ought to look beautiful. With this aim in mind, Guilty Bytes shares stunning, sandalwood face packs that are easy to make, effective and completely safe on your skin.

Sandalwood, the fragrant wood which has been used in Indian beauty care for more than 4000 years, is an effective ingredient for every skin problem. It has antiseptic properties, antibacterial properties that remove spots, acne, zits, it even reduces fine lines, absorbs excessive oil and its skin lightening properties enhance the skin texture. Apart from giving you a flawless and smooth skin, sandalwood even acts as a coolant and eases out the stress in your (an important factor for every bride to be). So check out our all new and effective sandalwood face pack.

1. For glowing skin:
Glowing skin is the first thing every girl, dreams of, and sandalwood does a wonderful job in bringing a radiance to your face. The best way to get glowing skin is to make a paste of equal parts of sandalwood powder and almond powder, add to this a good amount of malai which will bring a creamy consistency. Smear it on your face and neck and once it dries you can wash with cool water.
Tip: if you have oily skin instead of malai, you can use rose water or lime juice.

2. For dry skin treatment:

The one concern of every dry skin woman is dull, flaky skin texture. But you can turn your complexion into smooth, soft and dewy with the help of sandalwood. All you would need is sandalwood powder, coconut milk and a few drops of olive oil. This mixture would nourish your skin deeply, remove the dead skin cells and regenerate new skin cells. Sandalwood has anti-tanning properties too, so it will remove tan spots from your face and keep it super smooth.

3. For sensitive skin:
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Girls with sensitive skin, make sandalwood your go-to product, it has antimicrobial properties that will fight bacteria, fungi and zap the zits, acne. Also, it will bring a cooling effect that will heal and soothe the redness on your face. If you have skin spots, then make a face mask of sandalwood, rose water and a pinch of turmeric powder, this mask will fade your skin spots, cleanse it deeply and give you a hydrating, glowing skin. Make sure you apply this mask twice a week.

Tip: if you want, you can even massage your face with sandalwood oil, which helps in calming your skin.

4. For oily skin:

Sandalwood has fabulous properties of absorbing excessive oil, also it cures pimples and keeps the skin clean. For skin lightening, you can make a pack with sandalwood powder, few strands of saffron, orange peels. Saffron will brighten your skin, whereas Vitamin C rich orange will remove the uneven skin tone, nourish your skin and exfoliate your skin too. Whip this mixture and slather all over your face and neck. Rinse it once it dries, for best results apply it twice a week and get an oil free, dewy skin tone.

5. Smooth complexion:
If you are blessed with normal skin tone, then you can enhance your skin complexion with sandalwood, gram flour, malai, rose water mixture. Sandalwood even has anti-aging properties and thus it will tighten your skin and remove any kind of premature aging. Also, it will remove the top dead layer of your skin, expel the impurities and keep your skin smooth and hydrated. Instead of malai, you can even use raw milk, which will cleanse your face and add a suppleness to your skin texture.
Apply this every week, until your D-day and you would have a firm, even skin tone.

Sandalwood has a spectacular fragrance that will unwind the stress in you and keep your mind calm, so you can use the sandalwood oil as your night cream, as a bath soak and keep yourself happy and calm until your D-day.

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