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Brides, Know How You Can Use Lavender & Tea Tree Oil To Get Rid Of Facial Hair !


Facial Hair can often put us off . No girl likes facial hair and we tend to get expensive treatments and use expensive products to get rid of them especially before our wedding. But there are some natural and affordable alternatives for the same .

Lavender and Tea Tree Oil when mixed together can help us get rid off facial hair. Tea Tree oil is an essential oil and has many uses. The prominent nutrients present in it help fight the issues of acne , soothe irrtated skin , remove unwanted facial hair . Lavender Oil is extracted from blue aromatic flowers of lavender plant.  It's renowned for it's relaxing and calming properties . Its amazing to fight fungal infections and even reduce unwanted hair growth .

  • All you have to do this , Combine these two oils and apply it over pre washed face.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of lavender oil to 5 drops of tea tree oil and then use a cotton ball or pad to apply it all over your face .  
  • Do this every alternate night . 
  • These oils have anti-androgen properties that is the reason it works great for facial hair remover .

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