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3 Super Amazing Face Packs , that are Perfect For Dry Skin Brides !


Every bride wants to look just perfect on her wedding day. For that we do so many different things to keep our skin , body , hair perfect .
For all the brides to be, if you are someone whose close to having a dry skin , then these 3 amazing face packs will definitely help you make your skin look gorgeous.  You wouldn't even need to go out and get expensive facials or treatments done.

#1 Sandalwood & Rose Water :  This is often known as an amazing winter face pack , It keeps the skin smooth and clean , along with having a beautiful glow and an even toned complexion. 
  • You will require : SANDALWOOD POWDER & ROSE WATER .
  • Start with a clean washed face ,use lukewarm, mix both the ingredients well to form a thick paste . Now apply this face pack all over your face and neck , keep it on for good 15 minutes and then gently massage the face while washing the face pack using cold water . Use this Twice a week .
#2 Papaya Face Pack :  For all the brides who are looking for a smooth , blemish free and glowing skin , Use this pack . This is like a perfect face treat at home to get rid of a lot of skin issues as Papaya works magically for our skin .
  • You will require : PAPAYA PULP 
  • Start with taking some ripe papaya and apply it on the face for about 20 minutes . Wash off after 20 minutes . If you feel the skin is being too dry mix some milk also in it . It'll give you an extra boost of glow and nourishment.
Almond & Milk Face Pack :  If you have dark spots or patches on face and also if you are looking for a face pack that will get rid of the coarseness of a dry skin , so that you can get a healthy plump skin then this one would really help you out. 
  • You will require: Almonds & Milk 
  • Soak about 4-5 almonds in milk, after that peel and grind them. Mix this powder with some milk to make a smooth and thick paste. Apply this for good 15 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water. Do this Thrice a week and you'll see a huge change in the way your skin looks. 

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