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In Review : Juicy Chemistry Coffee & Green Tea Infused Eye Cream !


Dealing with under eye darkness, dark circles, puffiness, fine lines etc can be quite a challenging task at times.  Dark circles are a thing that really annoys all of us. Dark circles can make our whole face look gloomy.

Here is a review of this eye cream from Juicy Chemistry that I have been using since a month now and I thought It'll be good if I let you guys know about it as well and share my take on this product.

  • The under eye cream retails for INR450 for 6g of product , and be purchased from , or even juicychemistry site as well . 
  • It has a shelf life of about 6 months from opening .
  • The Cofee & Green Tea Infused Eye Cream has : coffee infused oil , green tea infused oil , almond oil , shea butter , coco butter , lavender essential oil , turmeric oil , rosemary oil , vitmain e oil , bee's wax and Cinamon oil .
How To Use :  Wash your face wih a mild face wash and pat dry with a gentle and clean cloth . Apply the juicy chemistry coffee and green tea infused under eye cream on the affected areas under the eye avoiding the contact with eye . To be applied at night.

MY TAKE : So this under eye cream comes in a small little round shaped container. It has 3 detachable parts, The texture of the cream is like other ordinary creams , It is in like this solidified form of all the oils combined together and starts to melt down in hot surroundings. As for the formulation, the product is all natural , as thats what the brand is all about .
I have noticed that upon application, initially, it might sting just a very little bit because of all the herbal infused oils , but it goes away after 2-3 times of application.

Talking about the results, am very happy with the results it has shown for my under eye darkness. They have reduced to a great extent and am totally loving it. I would say you need to be very consistent with this under eye cream to actually show results and help to reduce under eye issues. It cannot be used in the day time , as the greeny color it has does leave a color on the under eye area as well.  The fragrance of this product can be pleasing and also annoying to some people because it does have a strong fragrance.  I use this daily in my night time skin care routine and i personally really liked this product  as it has shown great results .

All in all I think its a pretty good , effective and affordable under eye cream that you can definitely give a shot to . I would rate this product a 4/5 !! 

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