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This Favorite Beauty Product of Kareena Kapoor is Super Affordable and Every Girl's Favorite


We often feel that celebrities use luxury brand products which are way too expensive and beyond our budget. But some celebrities like Kareena Kapoor make us feel happy with our affordable products. Kareena Kapoor has an all-time favorite product, which we guess is every girl's favorite too. This beauty product probably enhances the eyes in the best way and make even tiring beauties look fresh and fabulous. We are talking about the alluring Kajal. Kajal is one product that can instantly elevate your beauty and make every girl look beautiful and for a jet black kajal is perfect for the Indian skin tone. When you are running out of time, then just a swipe of black kajal will do wonders to your face. And we have seen how many times Kareena has come on camera only with her intense kajal.

And it would be unbelievable to many of you that she uses the famous and intense Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate. Surprising? Even we were surprised and happy. Kareena finds her eyes as her sexiest feature and adores them totally. Even we love her intense eye makeup and find her smoking hot when she wears bold, dark kohl. With such a flawless skin, the dark kohl definitely brings a seductive look.

For those who love Kareena’s intense jet black Kajal, you can switch to Lakme Absolute Kohl which is for Rs.680 at Flipkart.

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